My projects
  Digital sources
  Analog sources
  Hi-resolution sources
  Headphone Amplifier
I suggest red projects!
    Audio Measurements
    OTL 1998
    OTL 2014
    Power Follower 1999
    Power Follower 2019
    Power Follower 2021
    Inpol / Mofo  2020 ver 1
    Inpol / Mofo 2020 ver 2
    Inpol / Mofo 2021 ver 3
    Class D Amplifiers test
    300B PSE
    300B PSE mk2
    300B SE
    300B reference amp.
    300BXLS SE old
    300BXLS SE  
    2A3 PSE
    2A3 PSE cheap
    2A3 SE
    SV572-3 SE old
    SV572-3 SE
    845 SE first
    845 SE
    845 version 2
    845 version 3
    845 SE two stages
    845 with Fiat transformers
    GM70 Tango vs Bartolucci
    GM70/813 SE
    GM70 dc coupled
    KT88 SETA old
    KT88 PP old
    KT88 SE
    KT88 Hi-end push pull
    EL34 PSE
    EL34 PSE ver. 2
    EL34 Hi-End Push-Pull
    EL34 PP ver. 2011 test only
    Hybrid 100w ver. 1
    Hybrid 100w ver. 2
Hybrid 100w ver. 3
    Hybrid 100w ver. 4
    Hybrid 100w ver.  4 - End
    DC Protection
    Hybrid Circlotron
    Balanced Circlotron (old)
    Balanced Circlotron
    DC Circlotron
    DC Circlotron 20211
    Amplifier End
    Amplifier End 2021
    Amplifier End 2022
    6550 PP old
    V-FET Amplifier
    Volume control
    6ch volume control
    R2R Shunt Volume
    Cheap system
    Cheap system 2
    Cheap system 3
    Cheap system 3 new
    PP ideas
    Hot Follower
    Cool Follower
    SE/PP Tube amp
    End Millennium
  CAR Hi-Fi
  Audio Video
  PIC Robot
  Home Alarm
  Home Network
  Car Alarm
  AV IR over Cat5
  Programmable Thermostat

  Other projects


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I live in Rome Italy and I am born 3 Oct 1967.

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