No compromise tube line preamplifier

Special features:   
  • Dual mono (complete separation of all components)   
  • Separated power supply (connection made with military standard)   
  • Copper chassies   
  • Teflon motherboards   
  • No feedback (Topem Pole design)   
  • High energy power supply
         (4700uF 450volt DC give performance near to a battery operation) with SIC-SAFCO professional capacitors   
  • Stepper attenuator
         (ELMA 24 position switch + Vishay-Sfernice 0.1% tolerance military resistors) in the reference type   
  • All tubes are Mullard (good quantity in stock) selected by Sofia and life warranty   
  • Alps black velvet + Plus ELMA input selector on standard type   
  • Millenium output paper in oil, copper foil made and selected by Jensen   
  • Two power supply transformers: one for high voltage and one for filaments

    price 8.000$

    Phono stage available at 6.000$

    MC cartridge available at 600$

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    to order and to have more informationt contact:

    fax. ++39 06 7840119