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Cables - Candidates

photo (click to enlarge) manufature and models materials price
system n.1 tubes system n.1 transistor system n. 2 system n. 3 (1 is the best) system n. 4 (1 is the best)
Sina Chorda Analog by Phoenix Control System srl. unknown no more available 275 800 - 1  
1994's Reference Monitor Cable by the German In-akustik


99.9999% pure OF-Copper, polyethylene insulation, unshielded, with Audio Note AN-P heavily silver-plated non-magnetic RCA plug with Teflon insulation (as used in their top-of-the-line AN-Vx and SOGON interconnects).
no more available 285 550 -    
My standard cable Tasker C184
2 x 2 x 0,22 mm≤
Twisted pair shielded plaited cable
85% shielded - tinned copper
Conductors in tinned copper
Conductor insulation in PVC
Cores stranded with pitch 30 twist/mt.
about 20$ 225 250 5    
Rapunzel by Filippo Punzo


For 80cm use 3m of UTP Cat 5
Autoshield technique
DIY guide  (1)
DIY guide (2)
about 20$ 225 250 30   9
RS1 Silver by Slinkylinks Conductors are 96% insulated in air
Cable uses 99.9999% pure silver conductors
Metal content is minimised to reduce harmful capacitance distortion
£169.12 (Excluding: VAT at 17.5%)  for 0.75m 232 300 30 6 8
SynchestraRef by Luminous Audio Bullet Plug adjusts to any RCA socket
Jacket of highly inert fine-mesh fiberglass cloth
Ultra-high quality 20 -gauge ONO 6/9s (99.99998) single-crystal copper conductors
449$ for a 0.5m
499$ for a 1m


250 500 70 2 1
Tao Analogue Interconnect  by Q-Audio Solid core binary  insulated with a single waxed serve (wrap) of pure filament silk and covered with a pure filament silk braided jacket.
Each cable comprises a parallel quad geometry with the four conductors cut from a contiguous length of wire. The conductor pairs for signal and ground are paired using wires of opposing directions.
400$ for 0.35m and 575$ for 0.75m 260 600 90 3 2
Signature  by Crystal Clear Audio This cables uses the Eichmann Bullet connectors.
Solid wire is superior to stranded wire.the
The molecular structure of Copper carries signals better than Aluminum and Silver better than Copper and Gold
475$ for 0.5m 230 300 70   3
Chameleon Silver Plus by Chordhord Triple conductor set, floating shield configuration Silver-plated oxygen free coppper conductors and shield
Teflon dielectric
Silver-plated RCA plugs
£89.00 for 1m 235 300 45    
Silver Resolution Reference Analog Interconnects by SignalCable

4 conductors, 80 5N Pure Silver strands (each channel)
Insulation for each conductor - thin wall Teflon tube
Effective gauge size per channel - 21awg
Shield - braided 5N Silver Plated OFC

Outer Jacket - Teflon Tape
Geometry - Internal Twisted, Cross Linked

$189.00 for 2 feet 250 450 40   5
SilverMIca Zero-One by Voodoo Cable



High purity solid Silver Conductors with  patented real Mica Insulation.
Seperate Positive/Negative Run each Channel.
Also for XLR-Application. Foil/Braid double shielded for effective RF-EM rejection
145,00 - 250,00 EUR per terminated 1 Meter Set. XLR / 1 Meter Set: 160,00 EUR 275 600 50 5 6
Micro Purl Silver by Alpha-Core, Inc. Patented strip-line signal carriers, purled in line with the extrusion brings excellent RF noise rejection without a dedicated shield.
99.99% pure solid fine silver.
85$ for 0.5m
127$ for 1m
2 -  -0 60 4 7
Legend IV by Legend Audio unknown 515$ for 1m 2-  -0 50   4