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First release: 11th May, 2001. Last change:20th Jun, 2001.


I have stopped thinking about the Hi-End Car project (see next menu button) because it is very "technologically" complex issue; furthermore, most of the parts are very hard to find. The aim of this new idea is to create a "true" hi-fi car system with commercially available products.



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source: NAKAMICHI CD-45z

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front amplifier: MTX Thunder 152

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subwoofer amplifier: AUDISON Power 2

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front loudspeakers: INFINITY KAPPA PERFECT6.1

Deep-anodized aluminum woofer cone ensures incredible detail and accuracy. This material holds its shape regardless of output level, unlike more commonly used materials, such as polypropylene.
A precision outboard crossover using a Linquitz-Riley acoustic alignment is used to precisely divide frequencies between the mid-woofer and tweeter. The tweeter crossover frequency is set at 3.5kHz, facilitating exceptional mid-woofer to tweeter transition. This well-executed crossover also provides the ability to adjust tweeter level, allowing you to maximize system performance and imaging based on location.
An incredible 1" deep anodized aluminum tweeter with rubber surround is used in the Perfect 6.1 to deliver incredible accuracy and detail. In addition, this edge-driven dome tweeter will handle plenty of power, making the 6.1 a great choice for the enthusiast looking for a system that will sound every bit as good at high output levels as at moderate levels.
I-Mount™ (patent # 5,859,917) Tweeter Mounting System - This patented mounting system facilitates effortless flush, angled, or surface mounting of the component system tweeters.

measurement (from CarAudio magazine n. 138 - may 2001)

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subwoofer loudspeaker: KICKER Solo-Baric® S12L7

The original Solo-Baric® was the world's first small-box sub, and it started a trend in speaker design that others are still trying to imitate. The bar is raised even higher by the KICKER Solo-Baric L7 ­ the world's first square subwoofer. Its radical design reshaped the way the world looks at subwoofers. And, once you experience the Solo-Baric's titanic bass for yourself, you'll never look at subwoofers in the same way, either. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that the Solo-Baric L7 is different from anything else in the car stereo universe.

But why square? It's really pretty simple - the area of a square is greater than the area of a circle the same width. By making the Solo-Baric square, we're giving you the most possible cone area (or Sd) for a given size baffle ­ 16% to 20% more cone area. And more cone area means the Solo-Baric L7 moves more air. But we didn't stop there. Increasing the Xmax - the distance the cone can move in one direction ­ is another way to make a speaker move more air. Ultra-length voice coils and hyper-extended poles mean 24% to 49% more Xmax than previous models. These enormous gains in Vmax (Vmax = Sd x Xmax) mean enormous gains in the amount of air that the speaker can move. And that means the speaker can play WAY, WAY LOUDER.

All models have dual voice coils for ultimate wiring flexibility - 2-Ohm DVC models let you run at 1 or 4 Ohms, 4-Ohm DVC models allow 2-Ohm or 8-Ohm operation.

measurement (from CarAudio magazine n. 134 - oct/nov 2000)

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