Enclosure Point

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Follows some models (click on some photos to enlarge)

Fostex Backloaded Horn + Bassreflex-Hybrid-Enclosure for FE 126 E or FE 127 E
Horn Tuning-Frequency about 100 Hz and Bassreflex Fb = 55Hz.
The external dimentions are 600mm x 182mm x 345mm in 16mm MDF


Micro-Horn für Fostex  Fe 103 S
Project by Hobby-HIFI.
The external dimentions are 400mm x 200mm x 260mm in 16mm MDF


Fostex  Fe83 TQWT (Tapered Quarter Wavelength Tube)


Fostex BK 87 Recommended Backloaded Horn for FE87
The external dimentions are 600mm x 132mm x 300mm


Jordan "The Wall" TML für JX 92
Project by Klang & Ton  2/2002 magazine
The external dimentions are 935mm x 300mm x 108mm in 19mm MDF


Apostrophe' custom for Andrea Ciuffoli (www.audiodesignguide.com)
TQWT project using ZS 266-8-1 full range driver (near to
CH250 Ciare driver) by