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Hi-End Car

First version only!

started on 12/11/98


This is not an Hi-Fi car page because in the Hi-End each components
on the signal is analized and only the necessary components are used!
On the source equalizer, bass/treble control and loudness is allowed only
if these are implemented with a DSP!
For the loudspeakers no cheap crossover with bipolar capacitors (used in all
coax speakers) are allowed!


As described in the introdution, in this page will be analized only Hi-end sources. The first solution that I have think is to get the signal from a CD changer, add a passive output level control and go on amplifier. The CD changer could be drive using the FM kit (ofcourse we will use this only to have the control of the changer). There are many solution of this type (CD changer + FM modulator and control) and
someone as kenwood have a very low price product

KDC-C510FM (about 270$)

otherwise you can choice a CD changer and buy a FM kit as

KCA-R31FM (about 55$)
KCA-R41FM/KCA-R51FM with remote handset (about 75$)
There are also CD changer with digital output as Sony ES where you can build 
a custom DAC (see my CDPlayer page) to get a better result!
Ofcourse if you think to build a custonm DAC for car and to have less problem
with power supply voltage you must choice a DAC kit with only 5volt (see Cristal)
and no BurrBrown that need +-12v!

But if you want ear also the radio and don't like the CD changer solution
you can buy the last generation of Blaukpunt car radio: the Digiceiver.
These radio are complete digital because use for tone control, equalizer and
volume a DSP (digital signal process).
Also high price models of Pioneer and Philips now use this solution.

this story will continue ...

Amplifiers - kit and commercial

Here a Hi-End Single Ended Pure Class A Car Amplifier
without DC-DC converter (the inductance duplicate the voltage swing)

designing phase!!

This type of design has been used in a commercial product for home called Twin Tower by Pathos (italy).

In this product the Mosfet was in cathode follower configuration.
photo specification
ofcourse the inductance is not very little.

this project will continue in the future ...

Loudspeakers - custom and commercial

For the car loudspeakers only this choice:

Fostex FE103S front door + Simmetric load subwoofer with a good pair of 8" about the Fostex

see my "Full range" page on "Loudspeakers" section the project will be published soon!