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I'm a true lover , and now I would say a collector, of Esoteric Hi End Equipments. You will certainly wonder how I can buy such expensive and someway useless components. The answer is just one: I've never bought anything. I've built everything I possess. And I tell you I can get impressive perfomances. My best handmade products are Power Amplifiers, but I also produced Preamplifiers and Loudspeaker Systems. My house is full of them.
And now let's come to a description of my Amplifiers.

The most powerful amplifier of my collection is Model BP 700.
It's a Power Amplifier made up of two divided units. In fact I decided to split the Supply Section from the rest first of all becouse this way I could have larger spaces for Transformers and then because the farther the alternate current is from the electronic circuits the lower the ripple noise is.
The Power Supply Section has been designed to give a very high current (it can reach tops of 20A@80Vcc). Ist heart is the set of two huge industrial transformers giving 800VA each.The current is filtered by a capacitors battery of 94000F. The whole system is protected by a bipolar magnetothermic switch. The Power Amplifier Section has a fully balanced structure which allows very high ripple rejection, low distortion, high power and optimum compatibility with professional Instruments. The Amplifier outputs 600W@8 Ohm and 800W@4 Ohm per channel. It has Cannon connectors for Input and Neutrik Speakon for Output, overtemperature protection and four fans to keep the dissipators cool. It works with 24 Power Mosfets produced by Hitachi and high quality components. If you'd like to build your own amplifier I can provide you with all technical information you need. I can give you the circuid boards ready to be mounted(you'll need four to have a stereo balanced amplifier) at 20$ each. I can give you the components, too, at very low prices.Everything by mail.

And finally I can sell a fully mounted Amplifier at 2000$. It's an occasion you can't miss. If you buy either an Accuphase or an Onkyo or a Mark Levinson or a Krell or others, you'll pay at least 8000$.

I will obviously let you hear it, try it and whatever you want.

If you dont need such high powers and you prefer tubes amplifiers, look at Model V 100 A.
It is a peculiar vacuum tubes amplifier, since it has no output transformers. This topology, called OTL, gives better performances in terms of background noise and harmonic distortion. In fact any transformer, even if perfectly built, is a weak point as it captures interferences and degenerate sounds. It could seem strange, then, that most tubes amplifiers are provided with output transformers. But there's a reason: OTL amplifiers are much more expensive. The tubes, in an OTL amplifier, must drive directly the loudspeaker. So the push-pull output must bear down to 4 Ohm impedances. In a normal tubes amplifier the push pull drives a transformer with a 5000 Ohm impedance!!! The big difference is that an OTL amplifier must supply currents 1000 times higher. And, obviously, voltage cannot be 1000 times lower, because a tube works at least at 150V. So in an OTL amplifiers you cannot use cheap pentodes like EL34. You have to choose high current triodes, which are very, very expensive. And moreover you have to use lots of them.
My OTL amplifier is provided with eight double-triodes model 8080 made by Siemens plus 5 other tubes for the drivers and it outputs 15W per channel. You may wonder how much it could cost, as a normat cheap tubes amplifier is about 1000$.

Model V 100 A can be yours at only 1000$. Look at how much a GRAAF cost. I tell you: 10 times more.

P.S. GRAAF is the only producer of OTL amplifiers in Italy. There are other three manufacturers all over the world: Klimo, Atmasphere and Audiomat. Check out their prices.

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