Mon May 19 14:18:56 1997

To:   Andrea Ciuffoli 
From: (Takuji Yamamoto)

Dear Mr Andrea Ciuffoli,

> I am a home made audio builder and at moment I have start some 
> test on a OTL with 6c33c-b.

> I know that there is a Wiggins Circlotron Circuit popularized by Ralph
> Karsten.
> If this is true could you tell me more information about this or tell me
> only if this egual to bridge output circuit ?
> Could you send information an OTL amps and Construction articles ?

Although I found some article about OTL amps. in MJ, there in no 'Wiggins Circlotron Circuit' or 'The egual to bridge output circuit'.
Almost Japnese OTL apm builder choice cathode follower type after their inqury into others : Hutterman (correct?) , Thechnics 20A type.

Mr Ryozaburo Miyazaki had written some useful article about OTL amps. form 1992 to 1993.
Though I find no his new article in latey years, I think he is able to solved your question.

I advice you that you had better contact with Mr Miyazaki.  MJ will tell you his adress.

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If you have no reply, please let me know it. 

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