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the STAX Transformer

by Andrea Ciuffoli - 21 oct. 2001

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The my idea was to create a very simple driver for the Stax headphones that anyone can make with little DIY experience and that use the normal loudspeakers amplifier of any type (vacuum tubes or solid state).
The unique requirement of the amplifier is a minimun output voltage of 10Vrms. Any solid state amp. with a power more than 13W has an output voltage greater than 10V because P = V*V/I => 10V * 10V /8ohm =  12.5W and all home amps. give the nominal power on 8ohm load.
In case you want to use a vacuum tube amplifier with a power lower thatn 13W you can use this project only if your amp. has an output of 16ohm.


All the audio transformers used in this project are Lundahl products and the disrtibutor list is available here


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