Tue, 17 Dec 1996 19:50:31
To:   Andrea Ciuffoli 
From: kevin kennedy 
Subject: Re: OTL first tests

>Buon Natale e tante auguri per il nuovo anno anche a te.
>Just a question before Natale:
>Is true that the lifetime of 6C33C-B is 700 hours only; a shop in
>Rome yesterday told me that He have received a fax with this
>I have 4 tubes now !! and it is a very short lifetime !!
>thank you, buy buy
Hi Andrea,
The service life I heard was 1000 thousand hours in a high G, high
acceleration environment (jet fighter) for the B type.  In domestic use
these should easily last a few thousand hours, particularly if they are
operated conservatively at 75% or less of nominal rating.  Ralph Karsten at
atmosphere told me that he had some that lasted over 10000 hours if memory
serves me.  
Ciao,  Kevin
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