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Planar Mid/tweeter design page

This page is meant to keep interested people up to date on the progress of the ribbon driver. Comments and suggestsions, of course, are more than welcome. Send to stark+@cmu.edu.

UPDATE: 10/15/96

The first prototype is up and running. I hit several snags along the way and did a bit of redesign on the fly. Here are a few notes:

This project has its roots almost a decade ago when I read an article in Speaker Builder (Ref 1) on building a ribbon tweeter from scratch. I toyed with the idea for a while, but the project was put on the indefinite back-burner. Recently, Speaker Builder had another article (Ref 2) on the same basic topic. Daniel Patten produced a push-pull mid/tweeter planar that seemed to perform well at a moderate cost. Thinking the cost could come down and the performance could go up with some work, I posted my interest to the Bass & DIY Loudspeaker list and began to do some research.

Have you checked out the DIYAudio page?

Basic design, Target specs, Materials & FAQ:
Details of design / construction
Calculations (or things passing as calculations)

Planar mid/tweeter - 15 OCT 1996
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