Once in Chile (1990), I remembered a Danish Loudspeaker project I had not been able to do there. I asked my ex-girlfriend in Copenhagen to send me as many La Folia articles as possible, which she promptly did.

I was a bit sceptical to begin with, I checked it out with diverse experts more related to the electronic environment receiving contradicting opinions, I decided to follow the counsel given by a close friend, just do it, don't worry about the details, deal with them as you go along. You can find a million reasons to not do it, if you want to, there are just as many reasons to do it too.

I started building mini models just to try out the principle and get an idea of it's construction, my first model used a cardboard rectangle, kitchen plastic foil and chocolate paper aluminium foil (here in Chile, almost all chocolates are wrapped in a waxed paper covered with a thin aluminium foil, in Denmark they use this paper to cover their sandwiches) as a membrane, some spray adhesive glue and a few flat magnets, I checked the systems resistence and then I connected it to my always willing "Power Plant" NAD 3300 Amplifier, I assure you many others would have shorted with something like that connected but no, out came some beautiful mids and highs, enough to stimulate a few more models of higher and higher difficulty level anding with two wood framed 30 by 20 cm. full-tone models, with pedestals and all, these souded awfully sweet, even with a bit of low frequencies, giving me a fleeting glimps of what was to be the reward of my work, if I scraped enough money to get all the materials required.

Just as the Danish project documents said the most time requiring process was to get a hold of all you'd need to build your hi-fi dream speakers, in Denmark it's not so big a problem, just follow the project instructions, but whan you live on the other side of the world, you have to find your own sources, so will you, but I will give some help as to where you can find the right material.

There is also the need for a perforated iron plate.

More info on the membrane