From: Tom Danley 


Subject: Re: Ribbon smoothing

Don Perley wrote

> >Help!
> >
> >Still not having much luck with developing a good passive smoothing for the
> 60"
> >carver ribbon.  Someone here has to have done this before.  Any help is
> greatly
> >appreciated.
> Somewhere deep in the past the schematic for the carver xover was posted to the
> list... it should be in the archives somewhere.   As I recall it used about $200
> worth of parts.
> -Don Perley

Hi Don

I'm trying to catch up on my "fun" reading, if the problem is solved,
sorry for the bw.
Do you have a response curve showing the error you wish to correct?
If so, I have a program that can help perhaps. It is a test version of
some thing a long lost friend wrote, its like filter design package like
"spice" except you can asign elements to be "variables" (the computer
will adjust them to the right value) and then enter the response curve
you wish to match and set it to curve fit the filter to that response,
hit go and you get the values. If one stage of components won't do it it
will give its best result and you can add a second stage and so on.
I have used it to design a white to pink noise filter for my tef machine
to operate from 5 Hz to 30 Khz and it worked perfectly first try. It
also has been usefull for oddball crossovers etc.

Thomas Danley
Intersonics Technology Corp