From: Ricky L Judge 


Subject: Re: Carver Ribb

Carver Amazing Platinum IV Ribbon Driver

To order: 800-433-0547
price: $303 each
length: 60"
freq range: 100Hz - 20KHz
impendance: ~4.5 ohms or ~7.02 ohms*
conductor length: ~224.4" or ~374.4"
magnet weight: ~174.15oz or ~304.2oz
weight: ~25.7lbs or ~44.5lbs
suggested xover: 150Hz
power capability: ?? 
efficency: ??
recomended fusing: ??

construction material: sandwich of kapton and .00035" AL

recomended mounting pannel: 66 x 12" flat material

recomended placement: several feet from wall, canted inwards to cross in
front of listener

* Items with two numbers reflect my poor effort to reconcile conflicting 
information. Doug points out in one of his posts that two simmilar
speakers have impendances of 5.4 and 3.85. He states that the Carver
should probably come in around 4.5. From this it would seem that
construction differences should place the Carver ribbon in between
the two given points, hence the first number. Alternately, the 
Carver ribbon is 60" long, thus about 1.3 times the size of the
larger of the two drives, hence the latter figure. Any clearification
on this would be appreciated. Heck, I haven't even seen these 

Hope this helps