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FE103 sigma907015w mus.2.9g0.32386g0.96Kg
FE108 sigma928015w mus.2.7g0.28386g0.98Kg
FE164 925050w mus.7.0g0.40330g?
FE164 sigma???????
FE168 sigma946080w mus.6.5g0.33840g2.10Kg
FE204 955080w mus.11.8g0.320.85Kg?
FE208 sigma96.545100w mus.12.0g0.261.7Kg3.8Kg

Full Fostex datasheet here!! to read this pdf files you need to download the free Acrobat Reader 4.0 Pre-release + Asian Font Pack download

FE103-sigma - the first full range loudspeaker

  • Size and specifications
  • Read and magnet photo
  • Response I have ear many dual cone loudspeakers and also the Fostex types but nothing have the sound of the FE103 single cone! The midrange band is incredible! The voice is very natural! I suggest you to buy this FE103 or FE108 loudspeakers and add a subwoofer until 200Hz I have used this FE103 also in car with very good result! I know now why the Japan people love this component.

    Dual cone full range

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  • FE108 (about 68$)
  • FE168 (about 118$)
  • FE208 (about 148$)

    Coax loudspeaker

    page mirror by EIFL export
  • FX200 (about 155$)

    Where buy full range Fostex Loudspeakers:

  • NSW MEDIA CENTER(Germany) to get information on price send email to
  • EIFL export (Japan) Projects
  • Some projects with fostex full range
  • original link

    The Sound Of The Valve

    a very good full range loudspeakers click here to see specifications and projects

    SIARE 16VR8

    - the best midrange extended range Specifications Response It could be used in 250-10KHz frequency range B-80 RES project - dipole fron view read view loudspeakers specifications crossover size system response


    A series models A series specifications I never have ear this loudspeakers but there are many people that tell "this is the better loudspeakers to ear music". All this people suggest the A series instead the C series, that need very long time before to sound well. There are many web on this loudspeakers as: Lowther Home Page Lowther Club Of Norway Lowther Club Holland Marc Wauters Home Page In some of this web you can find price. In Italy there is the Lowther Club Mediterraneo tel/fax: 081/7613583 email: PM6A 661000 lire PM7A 1147000 lire PM2A 1147000 lire PM2MK2 1585000 lire PM5A 1585000 lire PM4A 620000 lire - only for front & read horn

    Conus 1

    by Ole Thofle (Copenhagen - Denmark)
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    JBL LE8T-H

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