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The capacitor in the design is a power supply 1.5-7Kvolt


Section of this type of loudspeakers: A - Perforated metal (Aluminium or Iron) B - Diaphragm (Mylar 6-12micron) C - Isulatating spacers (Teflen, Plexiglas, PVC or Epoxy Glass)



This is a photo of Martin Logan CLS

This photo show the profile of Martin Logan CLS to prevent directivity effect of this type of loudspeakers


 The disphram area is divided in 8 parts with a delay of 20 microseconds

  • new complete schema
  • speakers panels, audio trasformer and equalizing network
  • high voltage power supply

    STAX ELS-F81


    production of the 1981 tot diaphram area 21 x 78 cm poliestere 4 micron tot weigth 0.5g bias 3600v 3 sector with a RC delay filter

    EMPERIOR - High Efficiency ESL - Inbuilt Subwoofer



    Metaxas Audio Systems FULL-RANGE SPECIFICATIONS: Efficiency: 96- 105dB/W/metre POWER HANDLING: 100-500WATTS music power.(depending on panels) FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20Hz-55kHz +/- 3dB. DYNAMIC RANGE: 120dB. STEP-UP TRANSFORMER: 100:1 ratio. 18 individual sections wound clockwise/anticlockwise to reduce overall capacitance. Six (6) Ohm primary impedance. 300 Ohm secondary impedance. Bifilar wound with double-polyurethane coated AUSTRALIAN COPPER wire Litzen. Low-loss grain-oriented steel laminations on a 200 WATTS E-I core. Totally handmade, wound and assembled. SUBWOOFER BASS PANEL SPECIFICATIONS: Efficiency: 90dB/W/metre, POWER HANDLING: 100 Watts program. DYNAMIC RANGE: 2 panels/side :120dB 40Hz-100Hz, 105dB 20Hz-100Hz, 4 panels/side: 130dB 30Hz-100Hz 20 panels/side: 145dB 15Hz-100Hz efficiency 110dB/W/metre! STEP-UP TRANSFORMER: Turns ratio: 100:1 FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 2Hz-5kHz into capacitive load.

    ESL Concept and help to build it at home

    Many peaple suggest to buy the Mylar C (for capacitor) 5-12 micron
  • Where to buy mylar DuPont Italiana (only for ITALY) tel. 02-253022332/2326 (Sig. Bonacina / Signora Calzoni). Dupont home page
  • Power supply for ESL that is a kit of Nuova Elettronica (italian magazine) to build a air depurator. The output voltage is 7700v schema components list circuit layout population guide
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