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Etude PCM1716 kit

This is a 96KHz 24bit DAC

The DAC kit is named DA-1716KIT,it does not contain power supply.But we have
designed the power supply kit for DA-1716KIT.

The price is as follows:

  • DA-1716kit $80
        CS8414 receiver,Burr-Brown PCM1716 DAC Chips and the NE5532 as analog filter.
        The SMD chips have been soldered and we can give free the Burr-Brown
        OPA2134/2604 to make comparation with the NE5532.

  • DA-1716kit Power Supply $30
        Linear Technology LT1085 for 5V and Linear Technology LM317/337 for +/-12V regulator.

  • DA-1716kit ? $25
        Linear Technology LT1085 for 5V and NS LM317/337 for +/-12V regulator.

  • R-Core Transformer for DA-1716kit $15
        Primary110V,secondary 15-0-15/0.5A,0-9/0.5A,a 20VAR-Core transformer.

  • TORX176 Toslink Receiver $8

    We accept VISA/MASTER order or wire transfer.Before we completed our English
    contents,please contact for more detailed information.