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DAC 1.0

The DAC normally included into commerical CDPlayer (even these of significant price) have a rather low performance because the common usage of high NFB operational amplifiers "destroy" the sound given compression effects and poor soundstage stability.
In this project the design concept of Stefano Perugini has been integrated, fo rreference he published an article on Glass Audio (Volume 10 - Number 6) on year ago.

I am using now the Crystal CDB4390 evaluation board (about $150-$180 - in Italy 340.000lire), because it comes pre-assembled.

To get the Crystal CDB4390, check the Sales Offices, Representatives, and Distributors on the Cirrus Contacts page.

I will start soon to test the new Crystal CDB4397, which uses the new Crystal DAC chip CS4397, the first audio DAC that offers both 120 dB dynamic range performance -- the highest in the industry -- and compatibility with the next generation audio formats: DVD-Audio (24-bit, 192 kHz sampling rate), SACD (Direct Stream Digital Technology).

If this Digital Input circuit will be assemble in a different chassie use a 10K + 10K DACT stepper attenuator on output instead the 10K Caddock resistances and in the power amplifier use an input a fixed 100K Caddock resistance.