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the Monitor 2
by Andrea Ciuffoli - starting in the 2008


This project born to create a reference full range monitor loudspeakers to test my new amplifiers.
It is obvious that 3 are the min number of ways to create a true full range loudspeakers.
The midrange driver is responsible of the main frequency range so it should have the max quality possible.


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The Recommended enclosure for the CA26RFX woofer has been calculated by Jon Paulsen of SEAS:


After listener test I have used a longer port length 10 + (3 + 4) cm.

The bass reflex tubes used are Intertechnik composed by these


got from Audiokit webshop



The crossover starting point for the midrange and tweeter is the design by Francisco of Audiohum


In a project like this the crossover design and the crossover components quality is very important so I have used only hi-end parts got from .


Torobar type on woofer and Tritec type on midrange and tweeter. Ultra-Low Loss polypropylene capacitors Audin Cap Plus and Audin Cap MKP-QS near my reference the "Auricap". I have reversed the phase of tweeter.



To create a hi-end loudspeakers it is necessary build an enclosure without compromise and only a person with lot of experience in this filed can create a true good enclosure.

For this purpose I have used of Ivan De Cesaris. 

NOTE: In the following photo I am on the right


I have used in all the measurements the Clio system by Audiomatica with the Transit by M-Audio to use the USB port of my portable pc (instead of the PCI audio board).

Follows the near field frequency band of the Audiotechnology  C-Quence15h without filter.

Follows the near field frequency band of the midrange and tweeter with the filter.

Follows the MLS and RTA and MLS at 2 meters on axe.