by Andrea Ciuffoli - starting in the July 2007
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I am starting with this project a full-range drivers test and I will compare many of this drivers in the 2007.


These are full-range loudspeakers using a dual cone driver unit ZS 266-8-1 created by

Some parameters are very strange like the high Qts more than 1.3 and a high Fs near to 80Hz.

The price of these drivers is about 125 euro each so they can be considered very cheap if compared to  Lowther.

I have got these drivers many years ago (feb. 2001) but only now I have found a fast and cheap method to build the chassie: Enclosure Point.



Here are some plots generated with my Clio system by Audiomatica.

MLS analisys at 1m and 30 degres

MLS analisys at 1m on axe

MLS analisys at 30cm

Sinusoidal analisys 50Hz - 20KHz 30cm on axe