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DAC / DSC Output transformers test

Mar 2020


We have verified that with the DSD format reproduced with the DSC DACs we obtain sound performance superior 
to the normal delta-sigma and R2R DACs.
The result with the DSCs is comparable to analog source but with less limits.  
The DSC in the differential configuration, which is now the most used, requires an output transformer.
Obviously these transformers must be of the highest quality because they are the only component on the analog signal.
The yellow and black permalloy transformers tested in this page were recommended to me by Pavel Pogodin, who designed the differential DSC .
After comparing them with other amorphous core of much higher cost, like LL1684 and LL1674, these were undoubtedly superior as sound 
performances also if used with Sabre DAC.
In this article there is a set of measurements to compare the yellow and black permalloy transformers with a new product by Ivan Biyak (Kazakhstan). 


The transformers produced by Ivan Biyak are a high quality product because the distortion is half of the others with a higher output level.
Regarding the response in frequency there is a slight loss in high frequency but in any case the 20Hz-20KHz are guaranteed.
A great advantage with Ivan Biyak's transformers is the turn ratio which means a higher output voltage with the possibility of driving low sensitivity amplifiers directly.
In relation to the listening result, it will be postponed a bit due to the difficult situation with the virus which does not allow me to organize a listening session with a few people

 In relation to the listening result I did various tests with Michele Branchini with these notes:

The Biyak transformers needed quite some time to get used to them. At first they seems lacking a little in the topend, but after some more careful testing i can say that was the others models that exposes too much on that area. Biggest improvement are right there, more speed in the mid-high section, more clarity. A little better separation.
The mid, by extension, get a good dose of "reality", this area gained some more refiniment without becoming too much harsh or analytic. repeting myself, became more belivable.
At the moment i can't state if there are any improvement/degradation in the lower spectrum. They surely match the already good performance of the other transformers in the bass area.
The more evident gain from dynamics is in the mid-highs, where now i can feel more air, less congested. more seperation.




Yellow permalloy transformers

R3 Jiayin black permalloy transformers

Ivan Biyak transformers




Here the yellow transformer

Here the black transformer

Here the Ivan Biyak transformers



Here the yellow transformers

Here the black transformers

Here the Ivan Biyak transformers